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Certain people are starring frequently in this blog. Should the below-mentioned ever find themselves reading this page I would like to thank you for inspiration and hope that you find my posts interesting and maybe even eye-opening.


Married since 2010. I love you and truly hope all the best for you no matter how our lives will develop. You do realize though that you often make it quite difficult...?


Born 2009. A small copy of Husband both outside and inside, in good and bad. Tells us frequently how he is about to move out.


Born 2011. I'm afraid she's turning out to be like me. Tells us a thousand things every day but no-one really understands her yet.

Best Friend

We've known each other for about ten years now. We've travelled, laughed, cried and hit on men together. There are so many things I can't share with anyone else but her.


Apparently we are much less like each other than I used to think. I don't know which one of us is changing, but I feel like we are miles apart from each other nowadays.


Apparently we are so alike that I didn't speak to him for over a year as a teenager. Today we're doing much better and I have so much to thank him for. The kids would probably prefer staying with him than with us.


Apparently we are so unlike each other that I didn't speak to her for over ten years. Now we're doing much better and I guess someone could even call us friends.

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