Google+ Bree Bronson's Babies: August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The shameful hair

Every now and then I get to read a post or article about body hair, especially pubic hair. I find the topic interesting because I've had to think about it a lot when being with Husband. The party starter was my hairiness. Because my long hair does come with company.

I'm rather blonde but I do have a lot of hair everywhere. I've seen girls who've got a lot more though so I'm no exception. And ladies' duty nowadays is to shave it all off. And we do - I've heard someone say "I didn't know girls have hair down there." The funny thing I find is that this take-it-all-off trend doesn't seem to apply to guys at all.

I've been in situations when guys discuss how sexy they think it is when girls wax off their pubic hair. And how unsexy it is if they don't. If the guys are then told that in that case the same thing applies to them the whole gang goes like "dudes shaving – totally gay!! Body hair is masculine and sexy". They usually shut up if they're told that it's actually us girls who decide whether body or pubic hair is sexy on guys or not. Even Husband told me I looked like a beaver when I had a pause with waxing (reason being my sking couldn't take it at that moment). That's when I handed Husband a razor blade and  told him to tidy up big time down there. He's also complained about my "mustach". It disturbs him when we kiss, he says. So I wax it off too. He barely bothers to shave his chin.

I've been shaving/waxing down there for more than 10 years already. I like how my skin feels, I'm quite hairy so I get huge bikini line issues if I let it grow and guys like it as well. When I'm shaved I get, how to put it, better service. I like to leave a stripe of hair in the middle though because I don't want my parts to look similar with my 2-year old daughter's. I think the same thing about guys: I appreciateit  if the guy has put some effort on grooming (the tree also looks bigger without long grass growing under it but I seriously think it looks a bit funny if a grown-up, often also otherwise hairy guy has shaved it all off. But guys, do trim! At least I appreciate it.

Having said that I can add as well that it's truly not a big deal for me if my man groomes or not. The big deal is that if I'm expected to do that the guy should be willing to do it as well. I used to think that guys don't have to groom to be attractive. That's because my previous boyfriends told me that I'm beautiful no matter how I treat my body hair. Husband has let me know that my body hair disturbs him and makes me unattractive in his eyes. So I shave and expect the same from him.

I'm eight months pregnant now so I haven't seen my crotch for a couple of months. Hence I've been unable to shave or wax. Husband still made a comment about my "beaver" some time ago. So I booked a time for waxing.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Difficult to walk

Early this summer Son asked me if I have difficult to walk. I didn't get the question at all first.

Then I remembered: when we told the kids that we'll have a baby Son was impatient and kept asking day to day whether the baby would come already. I tried to explain that there was still a long wait ahead of us and told him how big my belly would get eventually. What all we would do during the summer and fall before the little brother would arrive. And that I would get tired and slow. And that it would be difficult to walk for me.

At the time Son asked me the answer was no. I had just run a half-marathon and was in great shape considering that I had already over 20 weeks of pregnancy behind me. He hasn't asked since. However, today the reply would be different. I'm heaps bigger and 15 kilograms heavier than before the pregnancy. If I walk any faster than a turtle I'll get contractions. Already early June I was asked if I'm due any day soon. I had then almost four months to go.

Today the week count is 32 and nobody is asking anything anymore. It's probably written on my forehead that I indeed have difficult to walk.