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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It is a lad

I suspected it almost right away. I was drinking my morning coffee like nothing was happening. I was already five weeks pregnant. When I was expecting Daughter I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings until twelve weeks had passed. I was feeling so ill. Food or coffee was out of question. With Son - almost nothing. This time - almost nothing. I told Husband that I'll eat my hat if this is a girl. The second ultrasound check confirmed that I can keep my headwear. We're having another boy.

When my nausea analysis proved to be right I started really getting used to the thought that Son and Daughter are getting a little brother. Then this happened and I somehow put the whole pregnancy on hold. I didn't want to get more attached to the baby (what a stupid thought, my pregnancy was already halfway so the baby was of course very dear to me) so I avoided thinking about the whole pregnancy. If the baby kicked all I could think of was "oh you little thing, I might lose you".

After the good news came I sort of started to build the relationship again to the little lad growing inside me. We told the kids they're getting a little brother. Son was hoping for a girl (!) So he protested first. I offered to donate Daughter's dresses to friends. I started to think of me and Daughter as a minority in our family. We'll be 3-2 in the future.

I can't know if everything will go fine until the Lad is born but now I'm more confident. It'll go just fine.

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