Google+ Bree Bronson's Babies: June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It is a lad

I suspected it almost right away. I was drinking my morning coffee like nothing was happening. I was already five weeks pregnant. When I was expecting Daughter I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings until twelve weeks had passed. I was feeling so ill. Food or coffee was out of question. With Son - almost nothing. This time - almost nothing. I told Husband that I'll eat my hat if this is a girl. The second ultrasound check confirmed that I can keep my headwear. We're having another boy.

When my nausea analysis proved to be right I started really getting used to the thought that Son and Daughter are getting a little brother. Then this happened and I somehow put the whole pregnancy on hold. I didn't want to get more attached to the baby (what a stupid thought, my pregnancy was already halfway so the baby was of course very dear to me) so I avoided thinking about the whole pregnancy. If the baby kicked all I could think of was "oh you little thing, I might lose you".

After the good news came I sort of started to build the relationship again to the little lad growing inside me. We told the kids they're getting a little brother. Son was hoping for a girl (!) So he protested first. I offered to donate Daughter's dresses to friends. I started to think of me and Daughter as a minority in our family. We'll be 3-2 in the future.

I can't know if everything will go fine until the Lad is born but now I'm more confident. It'll go just fine.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

28 degrees

Daughter and the convertible the outside temperature. I can't describe how much I'm enjoying it. I'm such a summer person and last year the summer somehow didn't come at all. Now we've had at least a couple of great days. So go out and enjoy at least if you're living in Helsinki area. The work can wait until November. That's all I'd like to share today.

...and why the heck are we living in Finland again, by the way?