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Monday, May 6, 2013

The fat girl can run

A bit to go
Shit, I've been so nervous for the whole past week. Yeah, about the Helsinki City Run half-marathon. I actually had no reason to be nervous at all. My training went really well and I decided that I'll run in total comfort mode, nice and really slow. I'll walk if I feel like it, I'll interrupt if I start feeling uncomfortable. And the midwife said it's ok to run as long as I feel fine with it.

But still. Am I doing damage to the baby just by training or going for the run itself? I'm halfway in my pregnancy anyway. How about my hips and knees? I can't do it, my friends will be there in vain cheering up for me! And so on. And then, on Saturday, I just did it.

I slowly jogged my way through the route and didn't even walk. I was feeling great and had a blast. The only emergency I had was that after the 10 kilometer sign I started to need to pee really bad (nice practical joke, dear baby). I didn't - there was queue to every toilet along the route. I saved that fun to the finish as well. My friends were there to cheer up for me. I was slow, sure enough, it took me a bit over 2,5 hours to make it across the finish line. But now I feel like queen of fucking everything. It was possible! The baby didn't seem to mind at all either, the wee one is kicking just like before. At the end of the day I'm really happy I did this. It was a great experience.

After all this praise there's a thought I'd like to share just to keep our feet on the ground. This was my third half-marathon, last year I did a full marathon at the end of the summer. I've been also running through the whole winter so I have some running routine. And as this is my third pregnancy I know a bit how it should and shouldn't feel like. Couple of years ago in Helsinki City Run (the same competition I participated in now) a middle-aged man collapsed in the very last hill before getting to the stadium. He got a heart attack and died. This year I saw a young girl (probably in her mid-20's) on the route who had collapsed a bit after 15 kilometers. She was lying on the ground and judging from the first aid the paramedics were giving her her heart had stopped. I've been checking the news but I don't know what happened to her. I'd like to, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she didn't suffer the same faith as the guy did some years ago.

I have a certain respect for the longer runs. I never take it for granted that I will even make it to the start. I wish everyone else adopts the same mindset. Happy running to everyone and enjoy the summer training season - I'll skip the marathon this year.

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