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Thursday, April 11, 2013

One seal coming up!

We finally told our relatives that we have a third kid on the way. I've wanted to postpone spreading the news although my belly is already quite obvious. There are couple of reasons. I haven't told my boss yet. We don't know yet if we have a daycare place for Daughter. And then there's Mother. She's developed a tendency to worry about...well, everything. Especially receiving baby news has been her specialty. This is how she first reacted when she found out about my two previous pregnancies:

When I was expecting Son

"So how many kids are you going to have exactly?!?"

(We were planning none mom, although we want this one very much. I was on the pill when I became pregnant.)

When I was expecting Daughter

"Was this one an accident as well???"

(No, and, what the fuck mom?!)

So when normal people go like "congrats", Mother is much more creative in her output. Frankly, I didn't want to face her first reaction. Nor did I want to answer all the following worried but so unnecessary questions. Along the lines with this: couple of months ago she told me with a shaky voice how happy she was that I wasn't pregnant then. Why? Because the hospital where Son and Daughter were born is being renovated. I'll tell her to start scrubbing the sauna clean now - that's where gandmother was born as well.

So this time I was sneaky with the news. Mother and Father are on vacation and I just sent them an MMS message with an ultrasound picture. Just to give Mother some time to think what to say. When my phone rang she said - voila - congratulations! First then she started to worry that we only have two kids' rooms in our house.

The first ones to be informed were the kids. We showed them the ultrasound pic and asked what they think was in it. Daughter said "snow". Son guessed a seal. Then they returned to their Legos and ignored my baby-in-mom's-belly explanation. I think we need to have another chat about this.

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