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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If you ever watch TV: House of Cards

Although I love movies, I'm not good at watching TV. I find most of the programs wasting my time or they're just completely out of my interest area. So when I heard about House of Cards, a rare occasion occurred: I felt that I must see this.

Ever since The Usual Suspects I've been a huge fan of Kevin Spacey. Not that he would be a pretty face to look at, for that I watch Keanu Reeves (he's probably the hottest guy on earth). Kevin Spacey is just a marvellous actor and I've liked everything I've seen him in. So a series he's starring just sounded too good to be true. And the fact that Netflix grabbed House of Cards in front the noses of HBO and similar players just made it more interesting to me. Luckily Husband is nerdy enough to have made sure we're good what comes to any entertainment services.

Kevin Spacey didn't let me down this time either. The series is just fantastic and I'm hooked for good. When the kids are napping I put on an episode and for fourty minutes I can escape my lonesome reality and pretend I have as much character as Kevin Spacey and that I'm equally classy to Robin Wright.

I'm almost done with season one so please Netflix, publish more episodes soon. I need a place to escape and I can't even drink right now. This is an emergency, please!

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