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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Handy Housewife is buying tickets

I've been quite tired and jetlagged this week after our trip to Hongkong. As I've been stuggling through the daily tasks I've felt that my head is a complete mess: I don't remember anything, I keep forgetting everything and I can't handle even the simplest things. If someone talks to me my responses are so stupid that I'm ashamed of them even myself. Then it struck me: this is the head I've been carrying between my shoulders for six months both times when I've had a baby.

Some incidents I still remember like yesterday. When Son was just a couple of weeks old we decided to take a little trip to a nearby zoo and took our pram to a ferry. I had checked that kids under seven years old didn't have to pay. So when a young lad came to us to sell the tickets I told him we'd like to have two adults' tickets. Then I pointed at the pram and said: "He's under seven years old." The guy's face was worth several millions of dollars and after a while he said: "Well - I would be surprised if you had a schoolkid hidden in there."

Jeez. I can't wait what a comedienne I'll become when this baby is born. Hooray.

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