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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Einstein was here

There are finally some signs of spring. It's about time. To me, spring usually is a huge relief: no more snow or biting coldness, we're getting more light and spending time outdoors becomes an option again.

This year wasn't an exception. The weather has become bearable, the Easter break offered a few days of relaxation (even Husband was at home!), a visit to the doctor's put an end to the total strike in my system so that I don't need to spend hours in the loo anymore (thank you pregnancy fairy, this was about the only symptom I haven't suffered from so far) and, most of all, running has become fun again, not just survival. I switched to normal running shoes and took an 8 kilometer run. It felt good.

Then I got an e-mail that promoted Helsinki City Run. Only a few days, then the sign-up period will be over! I laughed at the thought first: a pregnant woman running a half-marathon. Give me a break. Then, after I had taken my 8 kilometer run, Husband suggested Helsinki City Run to me as well. I don't think he was serious. But I couldn't let the thought go. Why not? The doctor said I can run as long as it feels good. And it does. So I signed up. There are no refunds.

Guess who's having second thoughts? I don't even know exactly why but I feel ridicously stupid right now. But we'll see. I'll try to adopt a thought that I'll just take it very easy. I can walk if I get too tired. And so on.

A pregnant woman running a half-marathon. I'm an idiot!


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  2. siis piti sanomani, että wow. Mä käytin lokakuista synnytystäni (viime lokakuista) tekosyynä sille, että naisten KYMPIN pitää jäädä välistä, ja täällä vedetään city runia. Huohh. Mä olen kade. Ja tsemppaan ihan täysillä! Juokset minkä juokset ja sit oikeasti kävelet loput, varaudu juoksun jälkeiseen mediahärdelliin ja... ;)

  3. Just noin ^
    Juokset jos tuntuu hyvältä ja jos ei niin jätät kesken. Huippua että ilmoittauduit.

  4. Thanks for cheering me up! And yes, I'm trying to convince myself that it's ok to walk or interrupt if I feel like it. I guess my goal is to make it in the given three-hour time frame and run/jog as much as I can. We'll see.

    And Kolmen koplan mama, don't worry about the 10 km race: I think giving birth soon/recently/anytime in the past or future serves as an excellent excuse if you don't want to do something. I use it everytime if I should clean or cook. ;)

    I also started to think today if many people actually take part in competitions like this when they're pregnant. I don't know; maybe I end up in the evening news. At least I would if I'd run the competition like I mostly train: pushing the pram with the kids sitting on it. :D

    1. And, oh: Husband knows that I find it difficult to turn down a challenge. So he started teasing me about signing up for Helsinki City Marathon. In August, when I'm 8 months pregnant. Err. I opted out. There *is* a limit. :)


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