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Monday, March 4, 2013


I've been silent for a couple of days, sorry about that. I've got an explanation though: I've been arranging a birthday party for Daughter. She turned two. I like arranging parties and I've had a habit of throwing a big birthday party for my birthday as well, just for fun. Once the kids were born doing the arrangements is "slightly" different though.

When Son turned two Daughter was just a small baby. I tried to downscale all the preparations but still I ended up working non-stop for several days before the party. I naturally had the kids to take care of at the same time and Husband was of no help. Taking care of the kids was a 24-hour job so any party preparations were just too much. I somehow managed but was absolutely exhausted after the party. Soon after I collapsed.

After Son's second birthday party I went on party strike. I refused to be responsible for arranging any more birthdays, christmas parties or any other gettogethers. Husband didn't get my point at all, my parents did and offered help for upcoming parties. For this one, Daughter's second birthday party, Husband's mom offered much-needed help and took care of the kids for two days so I could bake, chop, clean and decorate. Even Husband has realized somehow that the preparations don't happen automatically - he didn't protest doing the groceries or vacuum cleaning. He even participated in cooking by grilling during the party.

I would't mind buying the food ready for the party, right now it's just complicated because of the kids' allergies. And for 25-30 people there needs to be a whole lot of anything we choose to offer. I've been wondering what would be the smoothest way of surviving birthdays and other festivities. Traveling abroad? On the other hand it feels unfair to deny the kids something as important as the birthday parties are to them. I still remember mine from my childhood, they were a huge deal! What to do? What do you do?


  1. Yay for your husband participating for once!

    I don't have kids to arrange b-day parties for, but I remember from my own childhood that there were always to occasions: one on the real birthday for relatives and other grown-ups, and one at some convenient date for my friends. That way, there was never a huge amount of people (we lived in a small-ish apartment) and the food could be completely geared towards a certain target group. When there are lots of people with allergies, it gets tough, though, no matter how you arrange things...

  2. I think my party strike made him realize that he has to participate if he wants a party to happen. Last year he just asked "what kind of birthday party are *you* going to arrange?". Like it was just my responsibility alone. This year the tone was totally different.

    I remember also having two occasions sometimes for my birthday when I was a kid. Back then it was super cool of course but now I somehow felt that it hurts only once if we invite everyone at the same time. :D And it was really hard to decide what kind of food to serve: the kids are small so there's always naptime or mealtime or whatever time for them. We ended up inviting people after naptime so it was soon dinner time. That's why we ended up barbequing. But gee, what a project. Maybe we should still try splitting the party up in two diffferent occasions...


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