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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Are we there yet?

It looks like this when hell freezes over
I'll admit gladly here and now that March is my new hate month. It's not the stomach flu/food poisoning/whatever curse that put me down for the whole week last week. It's not the world's crankiest Husband who works day and night. It's not everybody having birthdays right now and me having no presents for them. It's the total absense of spring.

By this time of year there usually is a hint - no, obvious signs - of spring. The snow is melting, the temperature climbs up over 0 C and people start looking for their bikes and running shoes. Last year March was a joke - no spring. I almost fainted when I realized I had to run a half-marathon in one month: I hadn't been running for two months and there was snow up to my belly button everywhere. This year it's the same thing again: it's colder out there than in my freezer (it really has been almost - 20 C in the nights), the wind is freezing me to death and the only thing moving the snow is the snow ploughs. Because we got more snow yesterday evening. There's little else to do than emigrate. I'm considering that seriously.

The only difference to December is light, sunlight particularly. Thanks at least for that, master of weather. You dickhead.

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