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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are they twins?!?

It's started already. The comments about my baby belly. Yes, I have one although I'm less than ten weeks pregnant. It just popped out about a week ago. I can still hide it if I avoid exhaling and eating but I definitely have one already. As this is my third pregnancy it's probably normal that the belly appeared sooner than the previous times. Now I'll just have to keep inhaling until I'm comfortable with telling about my pregnancy to everyone.

My belly has been a source of numerous jokes during my previous pregnancies. I understand that because I've looked totally silly. My belly has been a joke: it's been a huge, completely round ball that sits on my hips. If I've turned my back it can't be seen. I've looked so ridiculous that complete strangers have started commenting my belly to me on the street. Along the lines of this:

- "You definitely have a baby on the way!" (No shit, Sherlock.)

- "Are you expecting twins? No?! Are you sure?" (Ever heard of ultrasound?)

- "Your belly is absolutely HUGE!" (Yours isn't too small either, sir, but you're hardly pregnant.)

Once I get to know what the average bypasser thinks of my belly this time I'll let you know. But as I said, the comments started pouring in already during Daughter's birthday party. Best Friend knows I'm pregnant and she went immediately like "Whaat, it's showing already!". Two people who didn't know about my pregnancy guessed. My friend started chatting like "Sooo, you've moved recently, do you have any OTHER NEWS?" I didn't want to start lying and she promised to keep her mouth shut. My cousin, however, took the lead for the best comment:

"So you're like three-four months pregnant? Only two? Are you sure you're not expecting twins??!!??"

I'm pretty sure. And I think I'll have to start carrying an ultrasound picture with me to convince people about that.

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