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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We all are still young

My uncle has died. We weren't any close, he wasn't exactly a young lad anymore and with his drinking habits it's a wonder that he lived this long. So I'm not devastated in any way. What worries me though is that I have to take Son to another funeral now. We've had unfortunately many funerals lately, and Son seems to be bothered about them.

Son has become lately somehow really sensitive. He asks a billion concerned questions, he's generally worried about everything and everyone and expects something bad to happen at once if anything goes wrong. I don't really know if it's his personality, if the funeral boom has something to do with it or do three-year olds generally go through a phase of astronomical worrying? Do you know?

Son's first experience about death was last summer when my parents' old dog died. Son was very fond of the old pal and we discussed a lot about what it means that he died. After some time Son seemed to somehow understand what had happened and accepted it. Unfortunately right after that the funerals started coming and we needed to discuss the same thing all over again many times. Despite of a lot of talking and reading a related children's book I somehow sense that the repeated losses left a feeling of uncertainty in Son.

Once we were having lunch with the kids when Son asked if Daughter is going to die sometime. Oh my. How to answer, what to say? I wouldn't want to upset him more than necessary but neither do I want to lie (I still have way too bad conscious about the Father Christmas thing). As a member of no church I told Son that all people and animals do die some time when they become very old. But, I then added, there's no need to worry about that because we all are still young. Very young.

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