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Monday, February 11, 2013

The pregnancy glow

It really is there
I mentioned on the Facebook page that I forgot that I'm pregnant. That's the first time it's happened to me during my pregnancies. My first thought was "oh you little thing, I'm not forgetting you although you're already number three". The next thought was that I'm thinking it's a boy. Don't ask why, I've never had a sixth sense about that. It wasn't until Daughter was actually born that we knew we had a baby girl coming.

I'll probably have soon an educated guess about whether it's a boy or a girl. Because: when I was expecting Daughter, after one or two weeks from where I am now in the pregnancy (6 weeks) I got so nauseaus I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings. That lasted for a month. I didn't suffer anything like that when I was expecting Son.

I've never been the glowing expecting mom who's having the time of her life during pregnancy. I've been sick all the time suffering from all the imaginable conditions a pregnant woman can have plus I have gained a huge amount of weight both times. So that's probably what I can reasonably expect this time as well.

If I've mentioned my terrible feelings to Mother she has instantly replied gladly how she didn't suffer from anything at all and was in the best imaginable condition while being pregnant. So that's it about any motherly support. Fortunately Best Friend has been equally sick and unhappy when pregnant so she knows what I'm talking about. When she heard that I was pregnant the first thing she said was "you rabbits!", the second was "well you'll be sick then for the next 9 months, congrats". I just love her.

So ask me again in one month. I guess I don't keep forgetting anymore that I'm pregnant. If not the nausea, headache, sore breasts, contractions from week 20, general ache in every muscle, stomach acids jumping into my throat, swollen limbs and a kickboxing baby won't do the trick I'm sure the weight gain will.

P.S. Guess what Husband wanted to find out the most when we had this picture taken the other day? He wanted to be sure that there is only one baby in there. Why? He doesn't want to change the car.

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