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Monday, February 18, 2013

The caffeine addict is happy

The first shot
I mentioned some time ago that for me waking up in the morning requires coffee. Which is sometimes easier said than done taken how handy I am.

I've been brewing my morning coffee with Sister's old coffee machine lately. Because my old espresso maker wouldn't work with our new induction plates. Because I broke the pot from our other coffee maker. And because I didn't know what kind of coffee maker I would like to have and I certainly didn't have any money to buy one of those. Sister's coffee maker sucks but I've considered bad coffee to be my punishment for breaking the pot.

I've been surfing and reading reviews for different espresso makers lately but it's been only for fun basically. Until there was suddenly a delivery guy on the door today in the morning. It was a package for Husband, we get those quite often. This one was huge though. I was home alone because Father had just picked up Daughter. I noticed first a bit later that there was a "best in coffee" logo on the box. Husband doesn't drink coffee.

The sneaky bastard had ordered an automatic coffee machine for me! That's something I would have never guessed. I was supposed to assemble some book shelves today but the delivery guy somewhat changed my plans. I set up my new friend instead. And I like it a lot after the first impression. It's a Philips Saeco Intella (the type is HD8751) and makes basically espresso, brew coffee, hot water and milk froth from beans or pre-ground coffee. If someone's interested, I can review it a bit more after I've gotten used to it a bit more.

Then a thought came into my head: I think Husband is trying to make up for something. First the christmas present and now this. I don't know if I'm right, if I'm just being paranoid or if Husband is sneak-reading my blog.

P.S. Not that I would be able to drink morning coffee right now. Yeah, the morning sickness kicked in. I almost threw up my breakfast on Father's shoes today when he came to pick up Daughter. Ironic, huh.

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