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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stuff I don't do

I've been whining a lot about how much I have to do around the house. And it's true: everything related to meal planning, cooking, cleaning, laundry or the dishes falls on my plate and it takes all of my time. Most of the stuff is also such that I can't really leave it undone either. When Husband goes to bed in the evening I normally stay up and do laundry. And sure, I should be more relaxed about housework. It's just that I hate living in a messy home - something that Husband is able to ignore completely. (You should have seen his apartment when he took me there first time when we started dating; but that's another story.) And for us it's a bit tricky to rely on ready meals. So the housework is done by the one who's bothered about it the most - me.

To my great joy I've found a small worm hole to ease my burdain. Because there is some housework Husband can't ignore. Hooray! Especially now that we moved into a villa there are things he actually cares about. And once I've noticed which things Husband can't leave undone I won't most certainly make even the smallest effort to do them myself. Exactly like Husband's acting with the abovementioned work.

So this is what I don't even consider doing around the house:

- Moving the lawn. May it become a jungle, I don't care.
- Ploughing snow. Spring will take care of that in June at the latest.
- Cutting the kids' hair. Husband bought a machine for it, I pretend I don't know how to use it.
- Changing batteries to kids' toys. I've managed to profile Husband as the "battery expert".
- Anything that has something to do with electronic devices or any technical stuff around the house. Husband is an engineer so He Knows Best.
- Barbeque. Also very technical, the only reason why Husband will do anything cooking-related.

I'm totally happy when Husband takes responsibility over something and it wouldn't even cross my mind to interfere with his doings. Some of his tasks aren't really mandatory though. ("I have work to do - I must program a system so that we can put the sauna on with an SMS.") Sure enough, many of these things are such that it would be impossible for me to do them while the kids are around - which they always are. They are both so small that they need to be supervised all the time, especially Daughter. Our house is also by a heavily trafficked road so our yard is not safe for the kids to play.

Every time I notice that Husband is doing something voluntarily around the house I get high hopes: maybe he's realized that I can't do everything by myself. I don't know if that's true but at least there's been improvement. I don't need to nag anymore about doing the groceries. We don't discuss anymore about whether the house needs to be cleaned or not.

What's the struggle about housework like in your family? Or is there one?

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