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Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh schmuck!

I'm absolutely no lady when it comes to language. I swear a lot. Usually I blame an old friend of mine of this habit - she taught me to drink tequila as well. But I'm of course trying to be a responsible adult and swallow the ugly words when the kids are present. Not least because I don't ever want to hear that Son has taught the entire daycare group to say shit and fuck.

If I get really angry an occasional fuck may find its way out. Same thing goes for Husband (he just gets angry a lot). It's just that I haven't quite found a good vocabulary yet to express my true self in front of the kids. Fake sweardoms (the "oh schoot"'s and similar) haven't worked for me ever. They just don't do the job. A good old "AAAARGH" is quite functional, that one I use a lot. Ok, I once went to Facebook and aired my head to an ugly status update but I'm not proud of that one either.

So what to do? I think it would be good to express oneself somehow in front of the kids so they would get a decent model as well of what to do when one gets pissed off. Anyone?

If nothing else I want a device that pixels my mouth and beeps all the inappropriate stuff.

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