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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy holidays for some people

I'll admit it right away: I'm pissed off and bitter. This week, it's been winter holiday time in Southern Finland. I just decided I'll stop checking my Facebook because it's full of beautiful pics of all my friends visiting skiing resorts with their kids, traveling with their families and having other family fun. The schools are closed and even kindergartens are half-empty. For us winter holiday has another meaning. Husband has a quote - hell of a week at work - unquote because they're doing maintenance work. I'm having "private quality time" with the kids. Yesterday Husband told me that he will probably have to work over the weekend as well. Sounds like a relaxing week for all of us.

Some time ago we visited our mutual friends and they told us about their holiday week. "We just woke up in the morning with no hurry and started to plan what we'd like to do together that day. Are you guys going to have a winter holiday soon?" I bit my tongue so I wouldn't say anything compromising and let Husband answer. "Umm, we have to do maintenance at work so I don't have time for holiday. But once that's done and the other project we're working on I'll try to take some time off." Try, nice. I almost started screaming.

This pattern has been going on as long as I've known Husband. It's always been this month that's busy, this project that needs to be finished and after that it will be more laid back. Needless to say that it's never been the case. I don't know how long I was naive or just wanted to believe. Today the only thing I wonder is how Husband still talks the same crap after all these years and expects me to swallow it. It makes me feel that he thinks I'm stupid. If I take it up with him the reply I get is always the same: "I'd like to be at home more but I don't have a choice. I just have to do this." That's even bigger crap.

So happy holidays for everybody who has one. Judging from the pics in Facebook it looks nice. I'm not mad at you guys, I'm mad at myself for choosing the wrong Husband.

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