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Friday, February 15, 2013

Forever engaged

Sister is getting married next summer. So is her fiance's brother. The problem is that the other (not Sister, she seems rather reasonable so far) bride-to-be is a big, fat bridezilla whose world collapsed when she heard that there's another couple getting married on their summer. The drama is huge and we enjoy it with Husband on the front row eating popcorn and cotton candy. At the same time we keep telling each other how great it is that we organized our whole wedding in one month.

I've understood that the bridezilla couple has been engaged for a longer time already planning their perfect wedding. That's absolutely not what we did with Husband although we were engaged for a couple of years before we finally got married. I actually thought that Husband didn't want to get married at all. It didn't bother me per se but seemed still a bit odd because I sort of proposed to myself at the time. For some reason though it felt stupid to be engaged without any plans of getting married. Just being together without exchanging rings would have been fine to me even though we had a kid. I started to wonder why.

I've known two kinds of couples who have been engaged for several years without getting married. First type is the bridezilla couple. They often have a date set already though so that everything would be perfect. Some of them find it hard to find the perfect date. Then there is the couple who gets engaged but doesn't plan at all on getting married for some reason. One of these couples I know was engaged for ten years, then they broke up. I think I just didn't want to belong to either group, I wanted to get things done nice and effective. Not that it bothers me if someone else does.

The bridezilla couple we are following now is planning on getting married in Italy to maximize the attention they get. Sister is pissed off and is considering not to attend. Bring more popcorn!

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