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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Witches and fairies explained

Damn, Son is smart. Or should I say picky about details. We read together every day and now he's grown so much that he can listen to a bit longer stories already. Full of excitement I picked a book with H. C. Andersen's tales and started reading. I was in trouble already after a couple of sentences when witches, fairies and other creatures you can't find in the zoo started coming in. You tell me how I'm supposed to tackle these questions:

- Why is the witch so wicked? (Well, she's probably been single and without sex for a very long time...?)

- How could the boys turn into swans all of a sudden? (Aww, maybe they're just hiding and the swans came from elsewhere...?)

- Why doesn't anyone like the ugly duckling? (Well I'm wondering the same thing, such stupid-ass folks.)

So thanks a bunch, Mr. Andersen. Not really a piece of cake to explain these to a boy who spends hours every day explaining his little sister in detail the differences between warthogs and pigs. Ok, maybe he's still a bit too small for these tales. But seriously, I have to start studying when Son wants explanations. And the Father Christmas story will be in serious test at the end of the year. When we read fact books (about nature and animals in particular) that can be explained with arguments from worlds of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geography all is good. The explanations satisfy Son completely. The more abstract it gets, the more Son challenges everything he hears. So I'm dealing with a tiny engineer.

Husband mentioned that a friend of his had said that their three-year-old doesn't "luckily ask so tough questions yet that he'd need to google". When we were done laughing our asses off we started thinking what would be a bedtime story logical enough for Son. Finnish constitutional law? Finnish-Swedish dictionary? A cookbook? Gee, sometimes I wonder what that boy will grow up to be.

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