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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Someone I used to date

Husband's ex attended our wedding with her husband. I go for a cup of coffee regularly with mine. Previous relarionships have never been a big deal for us and I'm happy about it. To me it would be ackward if we would never mention our exes. After all, we were both adults when we met. I would consider it weird if one or both of us wouldn't have a relationship history or if it would be a tabu. Also, if I want to share something with Husband that happened with my ex I'm glad I can do it without being afraid of making him mad. And I find it interesting as well to hear about Husband's life before he met me.

I'm relaxed about my exes probably because I'm 100 % over all of them and the relationships have ended rather peacefully. There's nothing I need to dwell in and Husband knows there will be no competition coming from my exes so he can be relaxed as well. Husband, however, has a slightly different story.

Many years ago when we hadn't been together that long Husband mentioned a girl he "used to date". He seemed a bit reluctant to tell more so I didn't ask anything. Over time I learned that they'd had a serious relationship but the girl had suddenly left him. He didn't understand why. Maybe because of this Husband is still clearly not over her. He's even got it tough to mention her name even though they've kept in touch.

I've sometimes thought what it would be like if I'd had a baggage like that to carry with me. I would want to sort it out. Husband clearly doesn't which is fine by me, it's his ex anyway. The interesting thought that remains is: what would Husband do it the girl would appear on our door step one of these days and say she wants him back? That one I'd really like to know.

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