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Monday, January 7, 2013

Relatively annoying

Mother made me angry today. I didn't fight with her because I know it would be in vain but I found myself thinking "geez, if she wouldn't be my mom I wouldn't want to have anything to do with that manipulative person". That's horrible! But then again - we don't get to pick our relatives, they're given to us like it or not. Do we need to like them?

I have a cousin I used to play with as a kid. When she moved nearby later on we started to keep in touch again at some point. I thought it was great and we became friends again. When Son was born my cousin became his godmother. Last year she became a mom herself. We weren't even invited to the christening.

The same thing has happened to me with my other relatives as well. I've made sure that I always invite them which has resulted in a lot of inviting since I throw parties quite often. And our family isn't exactly small either but I've considered keeping in touch as some sort of duty. I realized just couple of months ago that my invitations have never been returned. Weddings, birthdays and graduation parties come and go but we hear about them first afterwards.

So I'm starting to embrace a thought here that my relatives think I'm a pain in the butt. That's fine. I think some of them are a pain in the butt too but I've still kept in touch. Except that I'm not going to do it anymore.

It was a freeing decision. From now on I'll only keep in touch with people who I like and who tend to return my invitations and hospitality. Mother thinks I'm a horrible person for thinking that way. See if I care.

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