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Saturday, January 12, 2013

No teamwork

Being a home mom is the loneliest job I've ever had. I'm used to project teams, matrix organisations, competence groups and personal development reviews in my life before kids. All this is history. In my current life the kids aren't committed to any kind of co-operation and positive feedback doesn't exist in their world. I discipline the kids (link** made in china)  and expect decent manners but I often feel that the society around me only talks about children's rights. When it comes to children's duties, I feel alone again.

I know that we should be a team as a family. On paper we are. In practice Husband is at work (link** daddy's at work) all the time and I'm the one responsible for the kids even when he's at home or we do something together as a family. When Husband isn't at work he's just too tired or uninterested to initiate anything with the kids.

My parents live near us and are willing to help. And I play that card really often, it has probably kept me sane. They don't really discipline the kids but I've let them have their rules in their house. Especially Father is the one who I can thank for many valuable moments for myself. Mother is eager to tell me what and how I should do but she's rarely ready to get her own hands dirty with the kids.

I never fit in with the other home moms although I've tried. I feel we have nothing else in common than the kids which makes a nice conversation for about two minutes. Some of the other moms seem to me like motherhood would be their only quality. That feels truly alien to me. Luckily there's one other mom who I'm on the same page with - Best Friend.

Son's daily favourites are telling me how he "only likes dad" or how he's moving out. It's hard to refrain from being sarcastic. It's even harder to keep my spirits up and believe that I'm not alone on this quest.

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