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Monday, January 21, 2013


Daughter will soon turn two. Yes, you guessed right: she's turned into a toddler monster. She screams, kicks, bites, hits and tries every existing and non-existing limit she can come up with. And she started celebrating this new phase of her life by taking a new word into use: no-no. A simple no won't do for her, it's got to be no-no.

I don't actually care too much because I've already seen all of this once with Son. Except that he used to be worse. I remember it like yesterday how it was to drag the stubborn (which he still is), yelling, poop-smelling boy with me when I was 8 months pregnant with Daughter. It was a nightmare and my pregnancy didn't make it any easier. (Husband is terrified about Daughter's behaviour and won't believe me at all when I remind him about how Son used to be at this age. I feel like also reminding him about that he was never at home to witness Son's behavior.)

Son - who obviously doesn't remember how he used to be at the age of two - is most terrified of Daughter's rage and screaming. He keeps asking me what the matter is and why Daughter is angry. He also thinks often that it's his fault. Man, this is hard to explain! How should I tell a three-year old that it's just a phase, it'll go over, it's not your fault, we'll try to help her if we can and if she doesn't want us around we'll just leave her alone for a moment? That's approximately what I've told him, but I don't really know if he understands the whole concept. I'm not sure if I do either.

Yesterday I told Son once again that it wasn't his fault when Daughter was screaming her head off. He looked at me and said "it's not your fault either, mom". I was so touched I almost cried. I just wish Husband would think the same way.

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