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Monday, January 28, 2013

Next - sports news!

The arch enemies has fought
My Monday was a bit crappy before I saw this piece of news in today's newspaper. I hope it does the same thing for you. So yes, the headline translates "Cocks beat The Dick in a top match". And I'm way too childish to let it pass without laughing my ass off. Sure enough, the Cocks and The Dick are sports teams in handball (big sport among the Swedish speaking Finns) but come on! It would be enough just with The Dick but the Cocks is already too much.

What makes it even funnier in my opinion is that Swedish speaking Finns are often (at least in the capital area) almost trilingual. So there's no doubt that everyone knows exactly how funny the names are in English. I don't know, maybe the guys are just being humoristic. It is a male-dominated sport after all, eh.

Luckily Husband is equally childish like me so Son and Daughter will be joining neither Cocks nor The Dick. Good old ballet, music or icehockey will have to do.

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