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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My winter tyres

I run, it's my thing so I want to carry on even when the winter comes. This fall I finally got myself a pair of proper winter running shoes: waterproof Icebugs that promise for maximum grip.

I've finally gotten to try my new friends and man, they're good! For the last couple of days the weather has been really icy, wet, slushy and everything in between so the shoes have at least had a decent challenge. No problems whatsoever. I've run properly without having my feet wet and without even being near of falling. I can really recommend these babies for anyone who wants to stay on his feet in ice and snow if the sporty look and price of 150 € aren't a problem.

The minor downsides I can come up with:

- small stones get easily stuck in the bottom of the shoe, although they're quite easy to dig out and didn't disturb my running

- you have to be really careful before going out so you don't scratch your floors

- if you need to go somewhere inside with the shoes on they actually work against you: especially on tile floors they're dreadfully slippery. So not a best shoe for a wintery shopping spree.

But otherwise, whee! Last winter I had a two months long running break because of the unhuman winter conditions. This year - screw you master of weather! I've got a treadmill and icebugs!

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