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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

May less be more

It was hard for me to come up with New Year's resolutions. Now I came up with something though I'll definitely try systematically this year.

I've always liked clothes and possessed a wardrobe larger than I'd need. And I want my clothes to look good, no (unintended) holes in my jeans and no tees that look worn out. This principle initiates a regular discarding process and I recycle clothes a lot. I've also noticed that if I invest in good quality clothes I may use them for 10 years. Cheap stuff might fly out after a couple of uses because they don't look or feel good anymore.

Last year I tried investing in couple of good-quality (read: so expensive I had to lie to Husband) clothes. Nothing fancy: shirts, jeans, jacket and other practical items for everyday use. It was absolutely worth it. I love everything I bought and they're still as good as new. And it helped me save money because I ended up buying less. I thought why I didn't buy as much. Simply because:

- I got stuff that I love so I didn't need anything new too soon

- I made more expensive purchases so I had to consider more before buying what I desired

- I learned how much better the more expensive clothes were in every way so I didn't even want to shop at the cheap chains

So, to the resolution: I will not shop crap this year. Not a single piece. Ask me in December if I made it but heck I'm motivated! And I recommend trying this at home too.

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