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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fashionable couple

It looks a bit like this. Photo:
I call clothes a hobby. I've always liked them. Even as a teenager when I couldn't afford to buy any. I recycled Mother's old clothes from the 70's and created a fashion of my own. Later on I started to buy clothes from my travels and expanded my wardrobe with items that couldn't be found in Finland. I still do that and if I don't get to travel I rarely buy anything new either.

Husband is, once again, another story. He couldn't care less about what he wears as long as he's somewhat comfortable. He sees clothing as a necessity since it isn't appropriate to go around naked. He can't imagine spending more than 50 € on jeans and discarding clothes because they've gone out of fashion isn't an option for him. We spent an evening in a restaurant once when we started to talk about our different views on clothing. When I confronted him about not really being a fashionist he was a bit offended and demanded an explanation. I pointed out that he was wearing his shirt backwards.

I sometimes wish Husband would share my excitement about fashion. Because now, although he follows me patiently to the stores, he is bored to death. If I ask for advice I'll get a "that's ok" and a sigh. Heck, I want honest opinions! Hot or not? So I don't shop with Husband unless we're traveling together. Or shop for him. So I need a gay friend who'll tell me the truth about stuff I try on.

Still the biggest reason for hoping that Husband would get a fashion wake up call is that I now need to hide items I buy. He'd go mental if he knew about all my purchases although it's my money I'm using. And I'm not even shopping that much, it's the difference of our views to fashion that causes the problem. So when I bought a Vivienne Westwood skirt I love for 350 € I had to smuggle it home and pretend I've had it for years. Luckily Husband can't tell whether it's true or not.

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