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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Constructive feedback

Son is very sensitive and a professional drama king despite of his young age. Only a few words of critisism are needed and the offended peacock living inside Son will come out and sing loudly. Once this happens (basically every day) I will get constructive feedback. Here are my favourites:

- I only like dad, not you! (I know)

- You have no right to live in this house! (I disagree about that; there's actually black on white about it as well)

- I'm moving out! (Ok; you're aware of the prices of rental apartments around here, aren't you?)

- (when picking him up from daycare) Why are you here and not grandpa? I don't want to come with you! (According to the law me and Husband share custody over you, not Father. Sorry pal, put your shoes on.)

I of course laugh inside when a three-year old tells me all that but the confusing part is that he won't become any less silly about this no matter how old he gets. How do I know? Ladies and gentlemen, I have two offended peacocks in the house. Here are some of my favourites รก la Husband:

- (after having an argument with his dad) I'm going to kill myself!!! (Just bear in mind that we aren't getting any insurance money in that case.)

- (after I said something that offended him) I'll become a wino so I don't have to be responsible for everything like now. (Fine. Tell me when you start so we'll go out with the kids.)

- (during every argument) So you think I'm a selfish bastard, is that what this is about again?!? (I have said once that you're a selfish bastard, that's true. However, that was probably five years ago.)

Now, just take a moment trying to imagine the show we have at home. It's twice as bad. Husband has a specific peacock face he puts on while the drama is ongoing. Sometimes it's almost funny but give me a break, we're talking about a grown man here! And because Husband is so bloody sensitive it means it's never my turn to be moody. In case someone was still wondering why I'm bitching here.

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