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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Your place or mine?

When the kids were born I noticed a dramatic change in the expectations about where and how we should spend our christmas. Both our parents would "love to see the kids on christmas" and "grandma would love it too" but it is or course "totally up to us what we do". I get it, kids are fun on christmas. What's not so fun is that we're supposed to spend the holidays driving around Finland with cranky kids on the backseat (they can't of course get any sleep wherever we are because the house is packed with people). I call this pre-christmas process "the christmas games".

The christmas games are opened in September at the latest. That's when my parents start asking how we're planning to spend christmas this year. When I escalate the issue to Husband he basically tells me to go to hell. Everyone in his family does everything on the last minute or couple of minutes after that so he doesn't even know christmas exists at that point. At some point during the fall Husband's parents will start some vague planning for a huge christmas party and Husband tells me that we'll need to go since we spent last christmas at my parents'. I have no choice but to say yes. Couple of days before christmas their great plans will be cancelled. That's the point when Husband comes to me and expects a ready plan christmas plan.

This year I went on christmas strike. I refused to hassle back and forth with our christmas plans and just said "I don't know" to everyone. I still don't know. Let's see what Husband comes up with.

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