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Friday, December 14, 2012

Waiting patiently


Three-year olds understand a lot of things already. Concept of time doesn't seem to be one of them. At least not for Son. He seems to be just old enough to expect, remember and wait for things he wants but he doesn't get the proportions of time at all. If and when the things he wants don't happen after a while (say, 5 minutes in his case) the disappointment is astronomical and the following yelling opera galactic. My best and only trick is to patiently explain him how clever it would be to concentrate on something else. And whenever we're going somewhere we tell him on the very last minute.

The following topics have ruined Son's days this year. On most days he will naturally go through several points on the list and be multiply unhappy.

January: I'm sure the amusement park is open already! (It opens in May.)

February: My birthday is certainly today! (It's in June.)

March: Let's go swim in a lake! (In June, most earliest.)

April: There's a baby cow in the farm! (Yes, might be in August at the place we often visit.)

May: Is it going to snow today? (I bloody hope not.)

June: Let's go skiing! (Let's see after six months.)

July: I want to build a snowman! (I don't.)

August: I want strawberries! (I'm sure there will be some again next July.)

September: Is Father Christmas coming today? (Aargh.)

October: Today is the fireworks day! (On new year, honey.)

November: I want to ride my bike! (You can give it a try in the snow, good luck.)

December: Can we go to the beach? (Technically, yes.)

Every fucking day: Is Daddy at home? (He never is.)

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