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Monday, December 3, 2012

The thumbsucker

Daughter was one of those babies who never needed a pinkie fairy to give up her pacifiers. She never wanted one in the first place. When she was newborn I tried giving her one and offerede a couple of different models. The pacifier helped us so much when Son was a baby so I thought it would be useful this time too and prevent Daughter from sucking her thumb. Which she obviously started doing after my failed attempts to give her a pacifier. She became a world class thumbsucker.

First I was too tired to worry about it. I was just overly happy that she could fall asleep by herself in the middle of the night without me breastfeeding her every two hours. After couple of months of better sleep I realized that I would probably need to do something one of these days to make her stop. When Daughter had just had her first birthday one doctor mentioned her bad habit. By that time Daughter was sucking her thumb almost all the time. I decided that was enough.

Daughter got gloves in her tiny hands. That did it. As simple as that. First she had the gloves on all the time, then only when she went to bed. In two weeks she was thumbsuck-free. Fantastic!

But that little monkey is sneaky. It's over six months since my intervention and now she has come up with a new trick. She bites her nails. All the time. I have no clue how she developed that habit, nor do I know how to make her stop. Gloves? She's bigger now and can probably take them off. What can I do about it?

I think she's too small for gel nails. Help!!

Update 25.3.2013: I disabled the comment function for this post because spam started flooding in. If it happens for other posts as well I'll have to put the password feature back.

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