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Monday, December 10, 2012


The Finnish independence day was on Thursday. It's a national holiday and this year many people chose to take a long weekend. We were planning that too. It ended up being the longest weekend ever, because we got what so many others do this time of year as well: the flu.

I've never caught flus very often and if I did, they didn't last too long or weren't too bad. I've very rarely needed to slow down because of a flu. This fall I was mentally prepared for being sick because Son started at daycare. Everyone with a bit older kids was telling me that we would most likely be sick *a lot* during this first winter and that the flus would be strong. I should have listened or believed better because this is the truth. It is, believe me.

The kids had been ill already the previous week (they weren't sick too often before either) and Son had to stay at home because of an eye infection. He looked like a vampire and both kids were tired, cranky and had to take several medicines. I was totally relieved when they started to get better and me and Husband managed to avoid the illness. Except that we didn't, it just caught us a bit later. And this one is truly designed by the devil himself judging by the throat soreness that's been my companion for the last week. I'm basically out of power. And guess how much fun the kids are having because they are of course not sick anymore but we're still staying inside because me and Husband are down. Blessed Father who came and took the kids out every now and then.

The note I'm putting up for myself is that every flu now takes at least double the time and effort than before. Most likely the pattern is that the kids are sick first after which they contamine us. I counted that this fall we have so far spent two months being sick.

So, I had a long weekend. How was yours?

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