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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Round, flat Italian food


We sometimes need to discuss something with Husband in front of the kids that's not meant for the their ears but we can't wait until the kids have gone to bed. You know what I mean. Should we eat pizza for dinner today (imagine the protest if we decide not to after all)? Did you buy the Lego zoo for christmas already (that's Father Christmas' business, not ours)? And so on.

We faced this problem around the time when Son had his first birthday. He understood what we spoke and had a stong will of his own so we had to start thinking seriously what to say in front of him. First we tried saying the key words in English. Soon we found out it's not really helping since Son understood both Finnish and Swedish and is nowadays fluent in both. Too many English words are so alike the Swedish equivalents that we had to abandon that method for the most part. The next trick was spelling. How about p-i-z-z-a for dinner tonight? Works rather well if you're good at spelling and the kids aren't. It is so time-consuming though that we didn't quite like it.

I know this will get harder and harder all the time until it becomes impossible. Then we'll probably need to start SMS:ing to each other. I think we came up with a quite good method for now anyway: for the most part we use creative describing. How about watching a Holliwood production from TV tonight? Should we visit the hall where we get wet?

What's your method?

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