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Sunday, December 2, 2012


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I'm a nerdie girl and I love anything that's practical for its purpose and looks nice. Multi-purpose stuff makes me even happier. So when I saw a program about technical gadgets in Discovery Channel that featured Keyport I loved it instantly. These guys have invented a key holder that has basically six keys in one small holder. It looks nice and is soooo compatible. I'm sick and tired of my huge key set that doesn't fit any of my pockets so I want one yesterday!

Husband pointed out though that modern car keys won't most probably fit in there. Blah. Ok, I don't have a car. Neither will the keys for our home alarm system, he added. Blaah.

I thought I could order one anyway. Then came the final blaaah: everyone outside US or Canada must send in the physical keys for getting a holder made for them.

Dear Sirs, that's too complicated! Please do something about it! Blaaaah!

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