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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Helpful people


I'm sitting on a bus thinking how many of the co-passengers would be willing to offer their seat to an elderly or handicapped person. I sometimes do if the bus is crowded and I'm not too deep in my own thoughts to notice what's going on around me. I should do that more often though.

I often hear from mostly middle-aged ladies how "today's young" have poor manners. The same people complain about strollers in buses and generally hate everything and everybody. I've developed a technique to tackle that behavior since I know there's no way I can please any of those sour faces. As soon as someone comes to me with an unfair complaint I take a sad puppy face and say: "I can never please everyone so today I've chosen to act this way which unfortunately doesn't please you". It generally works rather well.

The funny thing is that I've gotten to try myself who are the gentlemen and gentlewomen out there - when I was pregnant there was no doubt about my condition since my belly was big as a VW Beetle. Every now and then someone (mostly men) would offer me a seat, a place in the queue or open a door for me. It felt fantastic. Same thing when I was going around with the pram later on. I've always made sure that when someone is paying me such attention I will look them in the eyes, smile big and say THANK YOU. And return a similar favour whenever I can.

A note I made is that never, ever a middle-aged lady would help in any way no matter how pregnant or stuck-in-snow with a pram I would be. Instead an 80-year old lady offered me her seat in the tram when I was 8 months pregnant. She insisted I would sit. Go figure.

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