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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Handy Housewife wraps christmas presents

This is not how I do it. Photo:
I was late this year. I normally have a great strategy for surviving all christmas preparations (I wish I could enjoy them but no way): do as little as possible, buy all presents in October at the latest and stay out of the shops for the rest of the year. Has worked beautifully for me every year because I'd rather shave my head than shop in the packed malls listening to christmas carols (I don't like them either, go figure). The cherry on top with my strategy is that in October every shop happily wraps the gifts for me. I have two left hands what comes to - well, anything you do with your hands.

When I realized how desperately late I was this year I first tried the obvious with everyone: "let's not exchange gifts this year, good idea, huh?" That didn't work out at all. Everyone replied about the same way: "Oh, I'm not expecting any gifts from you guys but I already have such a great idea that I'll get something small for you anyway". Read: "Don't you dare leave me without gifts".

Right. So I had little choice but to go shopping. The amount of people, non-service and stress that's present in the stores in December is just overwhelming. I ran home as soon as possible and faced the fact that I need to be the gift-wrapping fairy myself this year. So for the last couple of nights I've been sitting in the closet (literally so the kids won't bust me) creating one ugly package after another. I envy and so don't get the people who happily make the presents themselves from the beginning. For the record: I didn't punish myself (more) with shaving my head.

If I'm this late next year as well I'll shop everything at Vuitton's. I'm sure the vibes are better in there and they'll wrap everything for me. First I'll just have to win in the lottery.

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