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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big question

To be read selectively
We were having lunch the other day when Son started questioning me:

- "Was I in your belly when I was small?"
- "Yes you were and so was your sister when she was really small."
- "And then I came out?"
- "Exactly, when you were approximately thiiiis tall."
- "How?"

Timeout. I knew this would come sooner or later, but this is definitely a sooner! He's three! I don't have a clue why he started wondering this now. He's had big questions in his head lately though, and we've talked about death and other big issues.

Luckily I wasn't unprepared for the "where do babies come from" talk. I've had this book (image) in store for a long time already waiting for the very moment. I think it's a great book that explains everything from sex and conception to giving birth and adoption. It's simple and no-nonsense in a way that I think suits kids well and it's also well illustrated. It's not a book that I keep available for the kids to read by themselves but I've always planned that I'll read it to them in a selective manner.

So I suggested Son that I'd read a book to him that would show how he came out. He was fine with it and sat like a statue when I read sections that described pregnancy and giving birth. After we were done...nothing. He was happy with my explanation, no further questions! Hooray, I did some good parenting!

I think I'll have to rely on the book soon again though. Husband told me that Son asked about the meaning of his own testicles a bit later. And he didn't seem quite satisfied with the two-sentence baby seed explanation. Clever, clever boy.

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