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Friday, December 21, 2012

Big fat lie

I stopped believing in Father Christmas last year when Sister got a Vuitton bag from her boyfriend and I had to settle with Hello Kitty PJs from Husband (this is true and I don't even like Hello Kitty). Son, however, is waiting for the guy in red like nothing else. He won't be disappointed either because Husband loves to play Father Christmas.

I wasn't sure in the beginning whether I wanted to start the christmas storytelling thing with the kids. It felt like lying. Husband wanted absolutely to do it so I played along but I still left most of the storytelling to Husband. And sure enough, it's fun to watch how enthusiastic and happy kids are about the whole thing.

Couple of days ago Son was watching a kids' program where one of the characters claimed that "Father Christmas doesn't exist". Son came to immediately after the program (the issue wasn't finished in the episode he saw):

- "Mooom, does Father Christmas exist? He does, doesn't he...?"
- "Eeeerrrrr......yes he does, it's him who makes sure that good boys and girls get presents on christmas eve." (Oh fuck, I'm such a huge liar, he's too smart for this and he'll never forgive me when he finds out the truth!!!)

I feel awful. Help!

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