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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The third round


After we got our first child the questioning started quite soon: when will he get a sibling? I didn't have a clue and didn't like the topic either. To everyone else it was crystal clear that we would have another child. Then we did. The questions stopped.

See, we now have the usual combo: two kids (boy and girl, such a cliche!), a house, a car. A friend commented after we moved into our new house that the only thing we're lacking is a dog. True. Now everyone's asking when I'll get back to work. I have absolutely no idea, because we would like to have a third child.

My Best Friend is the only one who knows about our plan. She was somewhat surprised and seemed to wonder why. I don't know that one either. If we'll get a third kid it will be hugely interesting to see how people will react to the baby news. Is it one kid too many?

When I talked about having a third kid with Husband and Best Friend they both seemed like I was pregnant already. Sure, it has happened fast before but I don't take that for granted. Many things can go wrong and I'm definitely not getting any younger. So suddenly I'm unsure about the whole thing. Nice.

It isn't really helping either that Husband is asking me every other day "Well, feeling anything yet? How about now?" I told him friendly that he will soon feel a kitchen sponge in his mouth if he won't shut up. He was sure I'm pregnant.

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