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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scissor bros

Son fell the other day and broke his pants. Luckily he didn't hurt himself at all. At least this is what I thought had happened.

The same thing happened a week later. Another pair of pants broken at the same spot, Son didn't luckily get a scratch. I was wondering what the little genius is up to in the kindergarten.

The third pair of similarly broken pants was too obvious: they were cut with scissors. Son gladly admitted it when I asked what had happened. Luckily I didn't take up the issue with the ladies in the kindergarten. I would have barked the wrongest tree.

It came up that when Son is visiting my parents my Mother has a habit of giving him a paper and a pair of scissors to play with so she can sit by the computer undisturbed. And when she's not know.

Geez, Mother! First of all: he's three years old so Son+scissors is a combination to be supervized at all times for the time being. And second of all: do you really need to surf the Internet when the kids are visiting your place? Facebook will still be there a couple of hours later.

We had a good chat about the scissors gate with Son and he seemed to be truly ashamed. I get him, I cut my skirt as well as a kid. Some things you just have to try out. But Mother, what am I going to do with *you*?

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