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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pink ladies

I mentioned that I run. That obviously means I spend a lot of time in running clothes. I pick up Son from daycare daily so that I run there and back so I'm even kind of representing myself in them. I've always loved clothes and had my own, picky style which has made me import most of what I wear from different travels.

First I thought that good running shoes would be all I need. They took me a long way for sure but, of course, the more I ran the more I started wanting proper gear in the clothing area as well. So I headed to a large sports store to buy stuff that would allow me to run through the autumn months.

Instant problems.

Once the friendly lady started showing the shirts and pants she thought would suit me I had to stop her immediately: I don't want anything pink please. I don't mean the light baby pink colour but the bright pink I think is also called fuchsia. Almost neon-red to me. I'd already noticed that all ladies running shoes were pink. Other running gear made no exception to that. After leaving out all the pink stuff in the store there was't much left. All of it was black. So the goth girl out there running is me.

So I've tried my best to avoid pink running gear. With good luck you can find something nice like this:

This is ok as well:

This I can somehow live with (especially if I run somewhere where I need to be seen well):

But this:

GIVE ME A BREAK! And why I bought it? There were no options. I really needed long, warm running underwear. Every single piece of them: pink. This really makes my day every morning when I put it on.

And poor Daughter isn't better off. Pink, pink, pink. I recycle most of our children clothes with my friends and I'm more practical than picky. So as long as she doesn't care she gets to wear what we get for her. And I'm doing my best to minimize the Miss Piggy effect.

Now may I suggest something to Adidas, Nike, Puma, Asics, Icebug and all other manufacturers that consider chicks like me as their target group. Check out the stuff Cedella Marley designed for the Jamaican olympic team. It is just the coolest I've seen.

So THIS is what I want to look like when I run:


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