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Friday, November 30, 2012

No ads please

Merry bloody christmas
Ads never used to bother me. I had a "no ads please" sign on my door that kept most of the spam away and the rest I happily discarded. I've never thought that the pile of colourful paper would have anything of value to offer to me. Quite the opposite; I've always thought they are just an attempt to direct my consuming habits (which they of course are) and nothing else. So when some of my friends would cut coupons and choose where to eat or shop based on the offers I always announced how happy I feel to be able to go where ever I want. I have always been quite stubborn about this because I truly think that if an ad makes be buy something it might not be the thing I truly want or need. I might end up buying something I regret in no time. On the other hand, I find it really valuable if a friend or someone else whose opinion I trust recommends a product or service.

When Son was born the art of personalized advertising started to open up for me. Just a couple of days after we arrived home with him from the hospital the samples and "invitations" started pouring in. My immediate reaction was disgust. I had just given birth to my first child and felt mentally extremely vulnerable wanting to do exactly the right thing about everything. Thousands of questions were circulating in my mind and I was hugely unsure about myself and my fresh motherhood. That was the moment that diaper manufacturers, baby food manufacturers and children's book clubs chose to tell me how they "want my child's best". I was stunned.

I ended up buying very few of the products that I received advertising for. Instead I continued to be disgusted. Now towards christmas there are again hundreds of businesses that want my "children's best". We receive those ads directly with mine, Husband's and the kids names. I throw them into the recycle bin directly.

The kids can come up themselves what they want for christmas. And mad men behind the toy catalogues can go to hell.

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