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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Montezuma's revenge part 2

Montezuma (or Moctezuma) was an Aztec emperor who was killed by the Spanish conquerors. A story tells that the Spanish got hugely stomach sick under their travel and still today tourists that get traveler's diarrhea in Mexico are said to have caught "Montezuma's revenge".

Now the mighty Mexican has come up with a new, equally frightening thing. I visited a local eco store here in Helsinki and got to taste something that is called "Chilli&Lime chocolate snowballs: a smooth milk chocolate chilli&lime truffle wrapped in a thin white chocolate shell". Oh. My. Goodness. They're so good. The first taste is sweet, then the lime kicks in and finally the chilli. Anyone who likes any of the ingredients: taste them. I took one, then (making sure nobody was watching) couple more. And bought a box of them as a present to my friend. This was five days ago, now the whole box is gone. So much for that present.

Thanks a bunch, Montezuma's Chocolates.
Beware these!

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