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Friday, November 9, 2012

M I N E !

Son and Daughter were having a slight disagreement yesterday:


Familiar? Thought so too. I read from somewhere that children are "helpful and friendly" by nature. If I'd still remember where that was I would read that aloud to my kids. Ok, I get it, fighting is a way of learning social skills and so on. And sure, very often they're so sweet to each other that my heart melts. But I still find it quite funny that kids don't seem to want to share anything. If Son plays with animals he will absolutely need each and every one of them (we have like 50 at least) and Daughter can't come even near him. And that's all Daughter wants to do at the time.

Then it struck me suddenly: adults are no better. My money, my computer, my house, my car, my phone, my food, my this and that, mememinemine. Where else would kids get that mindset if not from their own parents? I've heard my own Mother talk to the kids tens of times like this: "Don't take that, it's my newspaper. You can't touch my computer!". And so on. Of course the concept of mine, yours, theirs etc. is important so the kids will understand why we can't take whichever car from the parking lot or why we need to go via the cashier in the grocery store. But in general there's a lot of room for improvement! So I made some decisions regarding this:

- I will genuinely try to share more and be helpful so the kids would learn the same mindset
- If the kids can't touch or take something I will come up with a fair explanation: you can't take mom's reading glasses because they break very easily, you can't use dad's chainsaw because it's very dangerous and you will most likely hurt yourself
- I won't use reasonings like "because it's mine" or "because I say so"

Let's see how it works.

On the other hand I understand very well a guy I know who was once building a simple outhouse to his summer cottage. Someone tried to help him out but he firmly told him "no" and said it was "his playground". We all need our own space and our own playground. Me too: I like to run. It's my thing and I don't want anyone to wreck it for me.

And then there's another thing too. This blog. I haven't told anyone I'm writing it. And I don't know if I even will. Because it's MINE!

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