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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little boxes

We have just moved. Or actually: I counted that I have moved 8 times since 1999 when I first moved out from my parents. That's a whole lot of moving, I think. On top of that comes moving in and out some boyfriends.

I hate moving (who wouldn't). Especially with small kids it's truly agonizing. Before moving into our current house we lived almost 8 months out of suitcases and moved two extra times because the house was under renovation. I can't find words to describe the chaos. Half of our stuff is still missing and the other half is something I'd like to get rid of.

The cherry on the top was that the last three months before the renovation was finalized we lived with my parents. They were extremely nice to let us stay there and we didn't have to pay any rent. I remembered soon though why I moved out in the first place thirteen years ago. See, whatever I did was wrong in Mother's eyes because I would do it differently than her. I soon realized that I can't do laundry or the dishes (there's a dishwasher but I operated it *all wrong*), take care of kids or even make a sandwich to Son. Mother must be wondering how I'm still alive after thirteen years on my own. Things went much better when I learned to do everything like Mother wanted.

Husband didn't have a blast at my parent's place either so he finished the renovation quite rapidly. After this eighth move I'm now thinking of living here for some time. We returned the moving boxes yesterday, the same boxes that I have borrowed at least five times already. I hope not to see the little boxes again very soon. After the huge renovation we have pretty much all we need in the house so we don't need to move soon either. And my parents are helping with the kids a lot because they live basically next door.

Eight moves in thirteen years. Is that normal? And I ended up next door with my parents. Is that common? I think I should blame myself at least partly: who else than a restless soul moves that often? Maybe I shouldn't have returned the boxes at all.

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