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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm so sorry

I heard that one of my friends has lost her brother. The girl who told me didn't know what had happened. The brother was in his fourties and had a family with three children. I understood why we hadn't seen our friend for a while. Now she wanted to be alone and didn't want to see anyone. I felt bad that I hadn't called more often before this happened.

Then I got an SMS the other day from her: her son's birthday party invitation. Of course we'll go if we just can make it. But how should I act? I'd like to tell her how sorry I am about her loss but is her son's birthday party a right place to take that up? I'm sure they'd like to spend that day celebrating and having fun. And I'm having hard time finding the right words as well. Is a simple "I heard your brother died, I'm so sorry" too harsh? Is it appropriate to ask what happened? Should I call or SMS her before the party and tell how sorry I am? We're rather good friends but still all the options seem somehow inappropriate.

Maybe I should just show this post to her and hope she'll get my message? Anyway, once again: I'm so sorry.

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