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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holy crap, Gillette!


My best friend told me some time ago that Gillette has the hottest TV commercial ever with Adrien Brody, Andre 3000 and Gael Garcia Bernal. Best friend had sat on the couch with her mouth wide open when the guys had walked in slow motion towards her with their perfectly shaved faces. "It's a-ma-zing!" she sighed.

It took me a long while before I saw the film myself, and I didn't think it would be so special. But sure enough, couple of days ago it got me. Phew, it's jaw-dropping! I've always thought Bernal is hot but here the effect is three-double. And of course Husband was there when the film was on TV and a spontaneous "holy crap!" came out of my mouth. "What?" he asked me. And you know what I replied? I wouldn't have guessed myself either: "Errrr...this commercial must have cost Gillette a fortune!"

I bet it did!

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