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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have a cookie

Daughter was the crankiest little girl yesterday. Nothing would do for her and everything was wrong. After some time I realized that she hadn't really slept well, she had eaten quite poorly and she was slightly fluish as well. Not the nicest combination, and with a vocabulary of couple of dozens of words it's no wonder all she could say was AAARGH.

I'm often having hard time not to laugh when the kids are moody. They don't know what to say or do so they express themselves with funniest ways. And after a proper meal or some sleep the world turns into a better place again.

But you know what, adults are no better at this. If I'm tired or hungry I hate everything and everybody. Husband can turn into a real mean machine if he comes home from work late after a tough day. And we so called grown-ups don't always even recognize the state of body better than the kids do. Snappy Husband can say he's absolutely not hungry and it's just me who's being a bitch if I ask him whether we should do the groceries today. I've learned already how it goes. Nowadays I just tell him to have a cookie. Usually he does.

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