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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good wife

 I own a small apartment in Helsinki where I had a nice, young couple as tenants. After two years they moved out as they wanted to buy an apartment of their own. When I visited the place to see what it looked like after they lived there, the interior was just jaw-dropping: the whole design was true super romantic Laura Ashley style, something I would never create myself. They (ok let's face it: she) had done a good job though. Every detail was carefully planned and done with great devotion.

My first thought when I saw the place was somewhat surprising: what a great wife she must be! She seemed like just the type of woman who will wake her husband up in the morning with fresh coffee, a newspaper and home made croissants. And sure enough: when they moved out, she handed me a bottle of home made blackcurrant liqueur as a memory.

Thank you, you sweet lady! It's such a pity you moved out! And sir, make sure to keep her happy, there ain't no many girls like that. At least not in our house, haha.

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